1st-Tier Distribution Changes The Press Release Game

Distribute Press Release to The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! News and Reuters with 1st-Tier Circuit – Changes the Press Release Game

Press Release distribution to Wall Street Journal

I am getting many questions lately about how 1st-tier releases work since the completion of our integration with the major 1st-tier circuits. Many of you have seen how I placed myself on WSJ.com, Reuters.com and Yahoo! News consistently using press releases. I have also done this for some of you and your repeat purchases really make our business grow really really well and I thank you for the support.

What I am going to do today is to answer what makes 1st-tier Circuit different and show you some results we got.

You don’t get to hear often about 1st-tier releases because:

  1. They are usually expensive (until now). People will just go with the Fiverr $5 releases or PRWeb or some free sites, which you and I know cannot produce the effect close to a 1st-tier release.
  2. Whoever tried know they are powerful and chose to keep it to their chest. You will come to realize why you want it remain a secret by the time you finish reading this.

I am not sure if you’d ever done a 1st-tier release that placed you on WSJ.com, Reuters.com, Yahoo! News and more. If you had, you will know what I am talking about.

It’s rumored that press releases are dead, or at least done for SEO. It is to some extend, except on the 1st-tiers. We’re talking about content on WSJ, Yahoo News, Reuters etc that Google cannot afford to ignore. These sites are critical for their information and they literally ARE the sources for Google’s News. Can Google put any less emphasis on them?

WSJ.com is at PR of 8.

Reuters.com is at PR of 9.

news.yahoo.com is at PR of 8.

(You will hear me talk a lot about these 3 sites as they often appear to rank the highest for many of our tests and releases.)

What happens when these 3 sites point a link to your site?

The answer is simple: Heavy-weight lift of your ranking, literally overnight.

Before I continue telling you how it works, I need to share with you some ways to use a 1st-tier release. It doesn’t always have to be just for its link!

4 Ways to Profit From a 1st-Tier Release

There are few ways to use a 1st-Tier release:

  1. Use it to build brand. Getting featured on WSJ, Reuters, Yahoo News etc is HUGE to many consumers. The TRUST and AUTHORITY that come with it are a game changer. I did a quick survey on offline businesses and 100% of them raised their hand, wanted to be in. Their questions: How? and How Much?
  2. An article placed on these high PR domains tend to rank very well and very quickly. You will see in the screenshots below how we rank that well for competitive keywords for my other product. You want to optimize your release for the best ranking placement you can get so you can literally dominate the entire first page of Google results using these high PR 1st-tier domains.
  3. As a tier-2 buffer page. They sit inside domains that earn the highest trust of the Internet, they are definitely the best candidate as a tier-2 backlink page, negating any adverse effect your link campaign may get. (disclaimer: I don’t use it as a tier-2 buffer page cos I think it’s really a waste to do that.)
  4. Links from WSJ.com, Reuters.com, Yahoo! News can win you SEO game all day long. Don’t you want to add them to your backlink profile?

My favorite: 1) Use them to build brand. 2) Rank them high up for search domination.


Some 1st-tier Press Release Screenshots

We have since run a lot of 1st-Tier releases, for ourselves and clients, and I invite you to run few 1st-tier releases too. Cost will not be a concern, you will find out later.

1st-Tier Press Release Effect

Here’s what it looks like on these 1st-Tier sites:

how to submit press release to Wall Street Journal

Submit press release to Reuters

Distribute Press Release to Yahoo News

As you can see, these were the releases distributed and placed on WSJ.com, Reuters.com and inside news.yahoo.com, not just the Yahoo search engine!


 Ranking with a 1st-Tier Press Release

There are countless of ways to benefit from a 1st-tier release placement, one of them, which is my favorite, is to rank it for competitive keywords. I can also use this strategy to literally fill up the entire first page of Google.

This is one of the press release I issued for SEOPressor:

submit press release to WSJ, reuters and yahoo news.

Like what I always share in SEOPressor, we applied many on-page optimization on this particular release. WSJ, Reuters and Yahoo News are all high PR domains. They are very strong to rank any releases that is well optimized, so if you have not been doing on-page SEO or think it’s dead, it’s not.

SEO with Press Release Tier-1 MarketersMedia

The release ranked #1 for keyword “WordPress SEO Course”, a keyword that’s often targeted in the SEO industry and It’s also a very relevant and profitable keyword to us.

Another release we did still sits on first page of Google inside the news widget for “wordpress seo plugin”:

Press release to Google News


It will sit there for few more days and disappear. That’s how Google’s News widget works. We’ll just distribute another new release and see it rank again. Simple. I am sure there are a lot of keywords that Google will serve a news widget on.


How Do You Profit From 1st-Tier Distribution?

Now here comes the serious question. How’d you profit from the 1st-tier distribution IF you can access today?

Here are some ideas that have worked for many marketers:

  • Charge local clients by featuring them on WSJ.com, Reuters, Yahoo! News etc for at least $500+ a pop. You can charge any amount you want. All businesses want to see themselves Branded prime time on these reputable sites! The ability to access and feature yourself or clients on these sites is HUGE.
  • Rank yourself on first page of Google and dominate the entire page with your release. Best part, the links are dofollow.
  • I know you see how powerful it is and an untapped market.


So How Do You Get Placed on WSJ, Reuters and Yahoo! News?

Let’s explore other popular options: If you wish to be placed on WSJ, news.yahoo.com and Reuters, PRWeb can’t help you. Your other options will be PRNewswire and BusinessWire for more than $400+ per release.

Is it expensive? It is…not until now.

MarketersMedia Newswire is connected to the 1st-tier Circuits. That means, we are able to place your releases on WSJ.com, Yahoo! News, Reuters.com, and a lot of other sites within the US and the European circuits. It costs only $169. So much more affordable than the competitors.

Businesses, startups, authors and event organizers frequently depend on us to help them reach the largest audiences possible. We are seeing great successes, with one PR getting more than 20K views, another got a radio interview and more.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Announcements and news release to large audiences
  • Drawing traffic to your site and building brands
  • Getting media attention
  • SEO and link building

MarketersMedia 1st-tier Circuit can help.

So that’s how you can get your news WORK IT’S BEST on the 1st-Tier circuits by having them appearing on WSJ, Yahoo! News, Reuters and more!

by Daniel Tan

Disclaimer: Pick up by the individual media outlets are always not guaranteed. Release is sent to them and publication is entirely their decision.

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