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Public Relations Instead of Advertising for Business Growth

What’s the Difference? “Our new ad series is ready to launch.” “We have begun a new Public Relations campaign locally.” These two statements both refer to getting the word out about your company or product. How do they differ? Let’s…

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7 Reasons to Consider Using a PR Specialist

Public relations specialists, also known as communications or media specialists are there to help your business or organization effectively communicate with the public. Many PR specialists today work in industries such as advertising, health care, government departments as well as…

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Why Public Relations and Brand Building Should Overlap

Developing a brand identity is one of the most crucial activities for any business looking to get off of the ground. Having a quality product or service is only one of the many important things that you need to focus…

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The Cost of Neglecting Public Relations

Projecting the right image to your customers and to the public at large is everything no matter what business you are in. Your reputation is everything in business, and the best shot you’ve got at controlling your image is to…

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Reputation management

How to Use In-House PR for Reputation Management

Do you know how often your product is mentioned on Twitter or Facebook? When you do an internet search on your brand, do you see results close to the top of the results? Do you have a Social Media presence?…

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The Power of Public Relations

What exactly defines Public Relations and what makes it a promotional powerhouse for your business? While advertising is targeted and very focused, Public Relations programs strive to present all aspects of your business—your products, culture and community connections—in front of…

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