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Public Relations Instead of Advertising for Business Growth

What’s the Difference? “Our new ad series is ready to launch.” “We have begun a new Public Relations campaign locally.” These two statements both refer to getting the word out about your company or product. How do they differ? Let’s…

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7 Reasons to Consider Using a PR Specialist

Public relations specialists, also known as communications or media specialists are there to help your business or organization effectively communicate with the public. Many PR specialists today work in industries such as advertising, health care, government departments as well as…

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Letting the World Know You Exist using Press Release

Letting the World Know You Exist using Press Release

A press release is one of the best ways in which you can let the world know your company exists. Whether you are new and in need of all the coverage you can get, or you are just looking to…

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Online Media Kit

Essential Items in your Media Kit

Media Kit In order to conduct your publicity campaign in an effective manner your company needs a media kit. Whatever your field, a media kit can prove truly effective. If you are an author you will want samples of your…

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Return on investment

How To Develop Positive ROI With Media Relations

Getting a good return on investment, or ROI, for anything that your business does should be one of your top priorities. Why put the time and effort into doing something for your business if it isn’t going to offer a…

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What is the Revenue Potential of E-Journalism?

The internet has been just as revolutionary to the journalism industry as the invention of the printing press, the radio, or television. All of these inventions led to a major shift in the journalism industry, changing the way that people…

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