MarketersMEDIA partners with USA Today for Better Exposure

I wanted to be the first to tell you.

We are incredibly proud to reveal that we have partnered with USA Today to help MarketersMEDIA continue the amazing growth and success we have seen over the past seven years.

Okay, you might have already known this.  This is an official statement that now our releases will be able to reach USA Today, bringing clients more visibility and exposure in the United States.

With this post, we want to make sure everyone has the facts. So let’s start with a little backstory.

Who is USA Today?

Established in 1982, USA Today is a multi-platform news and information media company that aims to create a better understanding and unity to help build the United States as one nation.

Classified as a “middle market” newspaper in the three-tiered system of journalism, USA Today focuses on both current events and entertainment happening in the land of the free, although the paper is distributed around the world.

Its website ( was launched in 1995, at a time when many big media outlets like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are beginning to move their platforms online.

According to Similar Web, USA Today receives more than a hundred million daily visits and is currently ranking  #86 in the United States and #60 in the news and media category.

USA Today Similar Web stats

Similar Web statistics were taken on October 28, 2019

Without a doubt,  most of the visitors to the website are from the United States which makes it one of the perfect platforms for our customers like you.

Then again, that’s just one of the reasons why.

Why Submit a Story to USA Today?

This was also a question we at MarketersMEDIA asked ourselves.

Having seven years (ongoing eight) under our belt helping small and medium businesses to grow their visibility and publicity, we knew what to look out for… and here are the reasons that made us close the deal.

1. Authoritative Media Placement

In the digital world, your prospects judge a brand by its website and where it’s seen.

Having a feature on USA Today may be essential to complement your business, promote your services, and build the trust needed by both Google and your customers.

Just imagine your company name or product mentioned in USA Today, one of the most widely circulated news agency in the country across all 50 states.

Proudly Featured On USA Today

As seen in USA Today. 

This will help your product or service establish viewership and convey social proof, which in turn, increases your buyer’s confidence and put more money into your pocket month after month, year after year.

Simply said,  build your customer’s trust and you will maximize your revenue boost.

2. Extended Google Visibility

Need to advertise a new product, service or event? Let’s face it, everyone nowadays starts with a search.

That’s the whole new reality in how people choose to discover and ultimately purchase products and services. This is the reason why it’s important for businesses to create and manage online visibility and reputation.

Though blog posts let you educate your clientele,  having your content or news stories on other platform informs and create brand awareness for your audiences.


Sending your news to USA Today can get you ranked on the first page of Google for competitive search terms targeting prospective customers in the United States.

Where you are mentioned matters. Especially if you are a business based in the United States or trying to reach customers,  being on USA Today associates you with the country and lets you reach your audiences.

3. Establish Industry Share 

As public relations professionals and digital marketers, we know that one of the most important parts of the media relations job is to manage online reputations.

Whether it is to impress a potential business partner, or maybe just your clients? People don’t do businesses with companies, they do businesses with people they trust.

As Seen On USA Today

Trust begets trust — being cited in USA Today can set you up as an industry. This will get you instant authority, trust, and credibility.

USA Today can also help companies demonstrate knowledge of their industry and businesses via thought leadership videos and bylined articles.

By building constant strong media placement campaigns and sharing your story ideas or industry thoughts, this will let you have more authority in your industry and establish more persuasive marketing.

Share your voice, style, and perspective influence to prospects so they will get to know you and be confident enough to reach out to you.

“Our mission is and has always been to help businesses acquire more visibility and build positive online reputation management,” said Daniel Tan. “It is all about ensuring that our clients have the right tools and reach the right lines of communication to succeed.  USA Today will add an extra level of trust and authority for businesses.”

4. USA Today Builds Trust and Credibility

Here’s a fun fact. The most expensive advertising campaign of all time was created by Chanel costing them over $33 million, as they featured Nicole Kidman in a 2-minute video commercial.

If you are curious, here’s the video (and you’re welcome). 

The result… has been in this title of most expensive advertising ever. 

By comparison, the average cost of media planning for a small business only averages around $10,000. And most businesses have it even lower.

Still creating an impression for your business does not have to be expensive, instead, it just needs to be data-driven or else it will be wasting your market resources.

Whether you are starting a business and website, or trying to create relevancy for your product, the most effective method is always through word of mouth and the source matters. 

… and USA Today will bring the bulk of your Brand Story to the Next Level 

As we head into the holidays, we hope that this new introduction of USA Today into our distribution network will bring a change in the industry, and ultimately a chance for our customers to continue scaling.

We hope that you, our MarketersMEDIA users will see a significant improvement in the results of your news stories being featured on the USA Today.

“Our goal is and has always been to develop lifelong relationships across businesses – to grow together,” said Daniel Tan.

The outlook for partnerships in 2020 will be even phenomenal. You can look forward as we will be announcing more new partnerships, and continuing to look for better ways to drive visibility and growth for you. 

You can start here — our Year End Sale is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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