Using Press Release to Promote Product Launches

We’ve helped many businesses promote their launches and events. One important inherent feature of a press release is that it’s time-sensitive and therefore carry a huge influence on the freshness index.

Most press releases are instantly ranked on the first page of Google if they are relevant to the search term AND that the search term has a breakout in search volume. This happens to scenarios like product launches, events, global news etc. These keywords are the best candidates for a news release to rank right into the first page, almost immediately…and it’s paramount for every PR team to understand this.

This press release below carries information about Chris Munch’s product launch. It’s ranking in the first page of Google for some related keywords and sometimes taking multiple spots.

It’s important to note that keyword placement, on-page and content relevancy affects the ranking very much. In this particular release, there is no “review” type of keyword found, hence it’s not ranking for keyword that’s hints review, for instance, “Media Buy Review”.

Ranking It High with ONE Relevant Press Release

Product launch press release screenshot

Taking 2 Spots on First Page with Press Release

Press Release On-Page SEO, Ranking on Google
Press Release ranking for product launches

Press Release is Time-Sensitive

This time-sensitive nature of press release makes it a great contributor to your dynamic content publishing strategy.
It can be used to:

1) provide/correct any information regarding your recent launch

2) update status of your recent event

3) respond to global events or highlights, and more.
The key message I’d like to get across is, press release is a great tool to place your message to the masses over a keyword that gets a breakout in search volume. 

Hope you like today’s tips.

by Daniel Tan

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